2018 Pelagic Rockstar Tournament Live Scoring provided by CatchStat
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 Team Anglers

Sean SmithMale
Joe BuckhartMale
Brian BuckhartMale
Rick Male

Team CatchStats 

Angler Count 4
Total Fish Count 12
Blue Marlin Count 3
Striped Marlin Count 1
Pacific Sailfish Count 2
Dorado Count 6

Team Vessel

Vessel Name The Hooker
Manufacturer G&S
Length 48
Home Port Marina Pez Vela
Power Inboard
Engine Mfr
Vessel Website
Captain Skip Smith

 Optional Categories

Tournament General Entry
Tournament Daily Billfish Release Jackpot
Tournament Daily High Rollers Jackpot
Tournament Daily Tuna Jackpot
Tournament Daily Dorado Jackpot


AnglerSpeciesCatch Time
Joe BuckhartPacific Sailfish1.13.18 12:39:26
Brian BuckhartPacific Sailfish1.13.18 10:58:23
Rick Dorado1.13.18 10:24:59
Sean SmithDorado1.13.18 09:58:28
Joe BuckhartDorado1.13.18 09:58:21
Brian BuckhartDorado1.13.18 08:04:41
Rick Dorado1.13.18 08:04:38
Joe BuckhartBlue Marlin1.12.18 02:56:36
Sean SmithBlue Marlin1.12.18 02:14:05
Rick Blue Marlin1.12.18 11:12:10